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Tom and Theresa Traficante were moving to Fort White, FL to a new property, where they planned to build both a house and a larger garage structure on their property. They traditionally banked with national banks who lacked an understanding of the local market. In getting a quote on the steel building for their property from Union LaSteel, the Traficantes were introduced to Community State Bank via the LoanStar relationship.

In facilitating the financing for the smaller structure, Union LaSteel inadvertently created a new relationship between the bank and the customer, where the customer contacted the bank about the possibility of a construction loan for their new house. The Traficantes were so satisfied with their new relationship, that they moved all their banking business to Community State Bank.

“This is a great example of the leverage the LoanStar product brings to CSB,” said Jeff Oody, CEO of Community State Bank. “We have the ability to service our small business customer, Union LaSteel, and attract new customer business like the Traficante family.” 

“The cutting-edge technology coupled with the service from both CSB and LoanStar landed us a very satisfied customer.”, said Jennifer Forsgren, Office Manager of Union LaSteel. “We love business like Tom and Theresa’s and believe that our relationship with CSB will drive more of our product to great customers.”

A note from the family is below:

“Good Morning Gentlemen,

As promised, I am sending the pictures of what you both helped make happen. Our Steel building is complete – power on etc… Thank you both for taking the time and effort to make the loans “happen” We can honestly say – banking with you both has been a sincere pleasure.

All our best, Tom & Theresa Traficante Fort White, FL”