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expand your customer base

Embedded lending has lowered the barrier to entry across loan segments and offered regional banking institutions an ability to tap into markets that were previously out of reach. Seamless, scalable, and fully configurable to your processes and brand, MerchantLinQ empowers financial institutions to rapidly take advantage of new lending opportunities while building new customer relationships that cultivate sustainable growth.

Did you know?

Embedded lending reached a market valuation of $5.5 billion in 2022 and has an expected CAGR of 19.4%

Empowering you to embrace embedded lending your way.

LoanStar makes it easy for lenders to design and deploy an embedded lending program that works for their institution. Here’s how it works.

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Choose your channel.

Launch a flexible, user-friendly portal or a fully branded embedded UX.

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Focus your efforts.

Define your lending objectives and identify local or national opportunities that make sense for you.

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Engage your community.

Educate and engage local and national merchants around the benefits of lending for their customers.

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Grow your business.

Receive qualified loan applications through your MerchantLinQ portal to grow your business.

“As a credit union focused on “serving the underserved,” we are thrilled to be able to help families finance vehicles catering to mobility/handicap needs (through the MerchantLinQ platform)—filling a niche previously underserved.”

Jared Dryer — Westerra Credit Union

Grow your portfolio with MerchantLinQ.

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Discover how our clients are fueling new opportunities through the MerchantLinQ platform.

Frequently asked questions by Lenders.

Does LoanStar support staged funding?

LoanStar supports the ability to provide staged funding, if the lender chooses to offer it.

Does LoanStar file UCCs on the lender’s behalf?

LoanStar does not currently have functionality to file UCCs, but we can write back to the LOS to capture required information to file a UCC.

How does the applicant become a member following approval?

LoanStar does not underwrite loans or review application information, so the memberization process is the same as you’re doing today. LoanStar can write back the applicant data to your LOS, from there you can create the member.

Who manages the loan documentation upon approval?

Upon approval, the merchant will begin a workflow of required items that are determined by the lender. The merchant will initiate all documentation, including loan agreement, work completion form, photo ID, etc.

How long does the merchant enrollment process typically take?

The merchant enrollment process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on how quickly the merchant is able to submit documentation.

Who underwrites the merchant? How can I prevent bad actors?

All merchants are subject to the lender’s due diligence process. LoanStar can make recommendations based on our experience, but the final approval for merchants is the lender’s decision.

Does LoanStar provide the merchant with any credit compliance training?

Each merchant user is required to complete a compliance questionnaire the first time they log in to the portal. Lenders have the ability to configure the questionnaire, and require merchants to retrain at their discretion.

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