Recreational vehicle lending

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recreational vehicle lending

In the ever-changing lending landscape, diversification has become a vital strategy for credit unions and banks to set themselves apart from competitors, diversify revenue streams, and reach untapped audiences. The recreational vehicle lending segment presents an exciting avenue for portfolio expansion, deposit growth, and reaching new customer segments.

Through the MerchantLinQ platform, we connect lenders with established dealerships nationwide to facilitate financing for various types of recreational vehicles—including ATVs, NEVs, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. MerchantLinQ is ready to facilitate your entry into these vehicle categories, powering your expansion goals with ease and efficiency.

Did you know?

The recreational vehicle market has a predicted CAGR of 8.15% from 2023-2028.

As the recreational vehicle market continues to grow, financial institutions have the opportunity to take advantage of this flourishing segment and grow their portfolios.

Why choose recreational vehicle lending?

Recreational vehicle loans offer a wide variety of lending options—whether that be risk, duration, or size— making them an attractive lending option for any lender looking to boost their portfolio. Following are a few reasons lenders are choosing to offer loans in this segment.

icon growing market

Growing market.

The recreational vehicle market is on the rise, with an expanding customer base seeking leisure vehicles of all kinds. This growth offers lenders an opportunity to tap into a vibrant and evolving industry.

icon finance options

Asset-backed loans.

Recreational vehicle loans are often secured by the vehicle itself, reducing the risk of default and providing greater security for lenders.

icon diverse customer base

Diverse customer base.

Recreational vehicles appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, from millennials seeking road trip adventures to retirees exploring boating. This diversity allows lenders to discover a wide range of new customers.

icon new depositors

New depositors.

By offering competitive loan rates, credit unions and banks can position themselves as attractive options for borrowers, helping to build lasting customer relationships that may lead to borrowers utilizing other financial products at that institution.

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