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Capital access is a key determinant in a customers’ decision to pursue or delay significant purchases. And yet, many loan programs in the market are predatory, filled with friction, and not focused on the needs of the customer. For merchants, the ability to offer accessible, fair financing at the point-of-sale changes everything. Utilized by some of the most trusted local and national lenders, MerchantLinQ empowers contractors and other business owners to offer competitive financing rates to customers and power up significant business growth.

Did you know?

The availability of point-of-sale financing increases average sale by up to 15%

Empowering you to offer point-of-sale financing your way.

LoanStar makes it easy for merchants to connect with local lenders and begin offering competitive, point-of-sale financing for their customers. Here’s how it works.

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Personalize your portal.

Set up the MerchantLinQ portal to look and feel like your brand.

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Spread the word.

Begin offering your customers convenient financing through the platform at the point-of-sale.

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Match with lenders.

Customers complete applications and are matched with a local bank or credit union that will back their loan.

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Grow your business.

Receive qualified loan applications through your MerchantLinQ portal to grow your business.

Frequently asked questions by Merchants.

How do I explain financing options to my customers?

Let your customers know financing is an option by including this information directly on your estimates, quotes, and website. You can also mention financing options in-person if they’ve expressed concerns with their budget. Feel free to reach out to a LoanStar representative for tips and resources on effectively presenting your new financing options.

How much will it cost me to offer financing through LoanStar?

LoanStar’s platform is completely free for merchants and requires no enrollment or maintenance fees.

Why should I offer financing?

Research indicates that 55% of home improvement projects are funded through financing. Providing payment alternatives helps alleviate concerns about project payment, fostering an environment where customers can move forward with critical improvements without worry over financial constraints. This, in turn, can lead to an augmented purchasing capacity, enabling customers to undertake more substantial projects with you.

How will my customers pay me?

The partnered lender compensates you for the product or service, and the customer repays the loan directly to the lender over time.

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