Robust small business lead lists for lenders

The AI-powered solution built to accelerate the search for qualified lead lists.

Finding qualified small business contacts for your financial institution is time-consuming and resource intensive. That’s why we created LeadSparQ, a search solution that uncovers more relevant lead lists in a fraction of the time. LeadSparQ’s AI-driven model combines your existing data and external information from the web to source the most relevant business leads, delivering robust detail including contacts, company insights, and more.

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How does LeadSparQ help lenders identify leads?

icon step 1
icon determine target cases markets

Determine target cases & markets

Share goals and existing customer lists to identify targeted business cases.

icon step 2
icon receive top matches

Receive top matches

Receive full lead details, complete with contacts, company insights, and more.

icon step 3
icon grow your business

Grow your business

Improve lead relevance, increase conversion rate, and drive business growth.

Why choose LeadSparQ for lead sourcing?

icon precision targeting

Precision targeting.

LeadSparQ’s advanced AI enables lenders to target businesses that align closely with their ideal customer profile—minimizing wasted resources and maximizing conversion rates.

icon continual updates

Continual updates.

Traditional lead lists often rely on static databases or outdated information. In contrast, LeadSparQ continually improves its lead list data with ongoing updates to the model.

icon new customer segments

New customer segments.

With the ability to dynamically update lead criteria, lenders can scale their lead generation efforts and explore new market segments without additional internal resources.

icon time cost savings

Time and cost savings.

LeadSparQ automates lead generation processes, eliminating the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive manual data collection and analysis.

How will LoanStar help you grow?