Offer financing programs with ease

A flexible and intuitive platform to simplify embedded lending for lenders, merchants, and borrowers.

Highly configurable, easy to implement, and even easier to use, the MerchantLinQ platform is unlocking new opportunities on both ends of the loan journey. Banks and credit unions can embrace embedded lending in exciting new verticals. Merchants can grow their business by offering convenient and fair financing to their customers. And customers can enjoy a connected experience that puts them first.

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How does MerchantLinQ work?

icon channel portal

Choose your channel.

Launch a flexible, user-friendly portal or a fully branded embedded UX.

icon lending objectives

Focus your efforts.

Define the lending objectives of your program and identify local or national opportunities that make sense for you.

icon engage community

Engage your community.

Provide merchants in your local community access to scalable and connected lending solutions for their customers.

icon group business

Experience the growth.

Gain access to new borrowers and depositors, while supporting local businesses in achieving their growth goals.

Why choose MerchantLinQ?

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Credit Unions, Banks, and Financial Institutions

Rapidly activate an embedded lending program that is 100% tailored to your organization, gain access to consumer loans in diverse and underserved segments, and grow your customer community.

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Local Business Owners and National Brands

Provide your customers an intuitive experience for fair financing solutions, realize product and service revenue faster, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow your business in exciting new ways.

Did you know?

MerchantLinQ lowers abandonment due to lack of brand consistency, produces higher customer engagement, and increases average transaction value—leading to increased revenue.

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What sets the MerchantLinQ embedded lending platform apart?

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icon user centered

User-centered experience.

The MerchantLinQ platform provides intuitive lending and simple tools that increase adoption and make it easy for our clients and theirs.

icon branded interface

Fully branded interface.

The MerchantLinQ solution is fully branded to reflect your company’s unique look and feel—delivering a consistent experience that strengthens brand equity and trust.

icon flexible design

Flexible program design.

LoanStar empowers lenders to seamlessly configure and adapt their program to an infinite number of targeted retail opportunities.

icon turn key

Turn-key implementation.

Much more than just software, LoanStar delivers full retail program design to support each lender and merchant in meeting their goals.

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How will MerchantLinQ boost your business?

Power up new opportunities with a platform you can trust.