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Sync1 Systems is a loan origination software focused on lending and digital experience. LoanStar has partnered with Synch1 Systems to integrate the MerchantLinQ solution into the Sync1 Systems LOS. This integration allows Synch1 Systems LOS clients to extend their reach directly to the point-of-sale for a wide variety of consumer lending use cases. 

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Finastra is a software company that provides legacy financial technology and legacy enterprise software globally to banks, community banks, credit unions and financial services providers. LoanStar has partnered with Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, to integrate the MerchantLinQ solution into Finastra’s which provides lenders and merchants with the ability to offer financial products at the point-of-sale. 

logo financial network inc

Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) provides customized loan origination software and credit origination services. FNI operates in a variety of industries and has been powering the credit lending process for over 30 years. FNI offers a complete end-to-end credit origination and decisioning loan origination software for banks, credit unions, auto lenders, and other finance institutions. FNI utilizes its framework of proven credit origination components to create a unique lending platform for each of their customers. By utilizing a component-based architecture, the FNI team of experts can create Loan Origination Software that is as unique as your enterprise. The flexibility to be 10% or 100% of your lending process has earned FNI the reputation of delivering better, faster credit decisions tailored to their customers. 

LoanStar has partnered with FNI to provide a new option for FNI customers to deploy the MerchantLinQ solution to drive more consumer loan originations, and to provide LoanStar customers with integrated access to their unique modular suite of tools. 

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Sherman and Associates, Inc. is the acknowledged leader in loan quotation software, including all credit insurance and debt protection methods in use across the country. Sherman and Associates offers PC software, DLL’s, calculation engines, internet solutions, and consulting for consumer loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, student loans, payday loans, and APR calculations. Sherman software systems are invaluable in calculating and disclosing even the most complex loan structures, with or without credit insurance/debt protection, quickly, easily, and accurately. 

LoanStar has partnered with Sherman and Associates to ensure full APR calculation compliance today and in the future. Our lender partners can rest assured that all APR calculations delivered through the MerchantLinQ solution are correct and fully compliant. 

logo temenos

Temenos helps customers in banking, capital markets/securities, and insurance achieve four business outcomes: develop relationships, drive innovation, improve operations and build connections. To do this, Temenos focuses on products and technologies, and works with leading solutions, services and hardware partners like LoanStar, on key areas where those partnerships can deliver exceptional value. 

LoanStar has partnered with Temenos to integrate the MerchantLinQ solution into the Temenos LOS Framework to help lenders of all sizes increase their consumer lending programs. All Temenos products can be deployed securely and rapidly in the Cloud, giving our customers an unparalleled opportunity to launch new innovative services cost-effectively. 

logo origence

Origence, a CU Direct brand, provides lending technology that enhances the origination experience to increase loan volume, create efficiencies, and grow accounts. With Origence, financial institutions can provide mortgage, consumer, indirect, and home equity loans with greater efficiency and increased scale, while also delivering a convenient and personalized experience to borrowers. Further solutions include: marketing and CRM, auto shopping, outsourced loan processing, and more.  

LoanStar has partnered with Origence to integrate the CU Direct consumer loan origination system, (L360i) with our MerchantLinQ platform. This integration allows all Lending 360 customers to extend their consumer lending outside of indirect automotive and in-branch channels. For more information, click here.  

logo pscu

PSCU is the nation’s premier payments CUSO. They proudly partner with credit unions to help them grow and meet evolving member demands. Leveraging digital technology, PSCU now supports the success of more than 1,500 credit unions, representing more than 5.4 billion transactions annually.   

LoanStar is partnered with PSCU to extend our collective reach into the merchant payment and point-of-sale finance space. 

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MeridianLink provides a robust and reliable suite of innovative and adaptable web-based solutions that empower financial institutions. MeridianLink continues to pioneer innovative and trusted technology that sets the industry standard in credit retrieval, credit reporting, lending decisions and automated account setup. With relentless innovation, robust security measures, constant safety monitoring and a team of dedicated account managers, MeridianLink empowers banks and credit unions to make informed decisions based on accurate information. 

LoanStar has partnered with MeridianLink to integrate our MerchantLinQ platform to the LoansPQ loan origination system to enable our lenders to extend their reach directly to the point of sale, when and where consumers need access to financial products. For more information about connecting, click here.   

logo compliance systems

Compliance Systems, Inc., (CSi) is a highly respected provider of best-in-class financial transaction technology and expertise. The U.S. financial industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world, which exposes many to considerable risk and requires significant resources to compliantly document every financial transaction. CSi specializes in compliantly documenting financial transactions while mitigating the risk surrounding transactions between you and your customers. CSi’s remarkable solutions are sought after for helping institutions like yours meet your demanding transaction needs for Deposit, Consumer (including Home Equity) and Commercial Lending, Mortgage Lending, Individual Retirement Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts lines of business. As a trusted partner, CSi documents transactions compliantly, minimizes the applicable enterprise-wide risks, and reduces resource expenditures so that you can focus on your business and your bottom line.  

LoanStar has partnered with CSi to integrate both MerchantLinQ platform to the CSi loan dynamic documentation content, ensuring that lenders who select to work with CSi on our platforms issue highly compliant loan documents and can scale into multiple verticals and geographies with ease. For more information about CSi, click here.  


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Commitment to quality:

Our technology partners all deliver products that are widely known for their quality and reliability.

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Complementary offerings:

Together, our strengths and solutions combine in a way that advances our offerings and makes us stronger than the sum of our individual parts.

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People-first mission:

Just like LoanStar, our partners all believe customers, communities, and people should always come first.

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