Renewable energy lending

Boost sustainability practices in your community and elevate your lending portfolio with green lending.

renewable energy lending

In an era marked by environmental consciousness and growing energy bills, credit unions and banks have a unique opportunity to take advantage of these developing trends. The renewable energy lending segment—often referred to as green lending—continues to grow as communities look to improve their sustainability practices and save money on utility bills.

Offering sustainability loans through embedded lending gives financial institutions the chance to support sustainable energy projects while providing customers with cost-effective, flexible, and customer-centered financing solutions.

Did you know?

The sustainable finance market has a predicted CAGR of 22.4% between 2022-2032.

The sustainable finance market was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2022 and continues to grow exponentially year-by-year—proving to be a strong segment for lenders to explore.

Why choose renewable energy?

Renewable energy lending offers a wide range of loan types and gives your institution the opportunity to participate in federal funding programs that aim to incentivize sustainability practices. Explore the many benefits of green lending below.

icon project costs

Diverse project costs.

From solar installations to energy-efficient upgrades, green lending empowers lenders to finance a broad range of sustainable projects with varying consumer needs. This presents lenders with an opportunity to tailor their focus to their unique risk, size, and duration goals.

icon boost competitive standing

Elevated competitive standing.

Green lending offers customers environmentally responsible, accessible, and fair financing options that align with their values—ultimately boosting your institution’s standing amongst competitors.

icon tap into incentivized funds

Access to incentivized funds.

Offering renewable energy loans could make your institution eligible to receive federal funds for fostering eco-conscious choices in your community. Research your state’s green lending programs to see if your institution might be eligible to receive incentives.

icon new deposits

New deposit opportunities.

By supporting renewable energy projects, lenders build a positive reputation with environmentally conscious customers who may want to continue business with your institution after paying off their loan.

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