Associate Software Engineer/Technical Support
Location: Swarthmore, PA; Wilmington, NC; Remote

Business Strategic Summary:

We are an innovation-driven lending integration platform which has built a rapidly growing ecosystem among Lending Systems, Financial Institutions, and Merchants. Our goal is to sustain 300% revenue growth every year for the next three years.  We will continue to invest in APIs to connect LOS platforms and in data analytics for a long term differentiation in the market.

Job Description:

We are seeking an engineer to focus on platform enhancements, roadmap deliverables, troubleshooting, and automation.  They will help scale our company achieve our long-term vision via their quality delivery of solutions. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Platform development – Develop and implement software as defined by product and senior engineering leaders. 
    • Partner with the senior engineers to identify, define, and plan critical development items to meet current roadmap as well as lender customizations and change requests  
    • Deliver enhancements and new functionality to the platform as assigned by senior engineering staff
    • New product innovation for consideration at national showcases
    • Work with QA teams to ensure clear and effective testing plans to confirm quality. 
    • Work with third parties (Loan Origination Systems)
  • General technical operations and implementations – Given a significant sales pipeline and development of new services, we need to grow smartly.
    • Create, configure, and deploy new customers on the platform
    • Troubleshoot any services not working as designed by leveraging 3rd parties and senior engineers as required
  • Data and analytics – Working within the defined data schema and services to ensure data reporting and customer analytics are up to date and accurate.
    • Work with lenders on any customer reporting needed  
    • Drive insights to identify where there are opportunities
    • Target best practices and market trends – Generate data to help our partners succeed

Skills and competencies:

  • Don’t be a jerk. We’re a team. 
  • Willing to wear multiple hats and play a flexible role. 
  • CSCO 
  • SQL 
  • C# – edit workflow files (XAML) to add docs 
  • HTML 
  • XSLT 
  • XML 
  • Adobe 


  • Financial services – experience with a financial institution or a FinTech provider, ideally with consumer lending experience. 
  • Change management – working across lenders, merchants, and lending systems.  We’re looking for someone who sees change as an opportunity to improve.  
  • Project management – Ability to organize, communicate, and drive results across complex multi-platform services. 

About LoanStar Technologies:

Based in the greater Philadelphia area, LoanStar works with lenders of all sizes to design, deploy and power instant indirect consumer lending at the point-of-sale. LoanStar works with lenders to diversify their consumer loan origination strategies. Providing program consulting, market-leading software, and merchant aggregation, LoanStar helps lenders of every size leverage the power of their local brand.  LoanStar has developed the MerchantLinQ platform that enables lenders of all sizes to deploy instant point-of-sale finance through their local merchants.