MerchantLinQ is flexible
& can be deployed across a wide variety of consumer market verticals

MerchantLinQ lenders can choose from the options below and LoanStar will help to design a market competitive offering.
Additionally, lenders can choose to launch in other local opportunities given the highly configurable nature of the MerchantLinQ platform.

From roofing, kitchens, windows, and doors, homeowners are investing billions of dollars right in their homes with private label cards and non-bank finance companies.

Solar electric, solar thermal, and geothermal are all growing at exponential rates. Financing is a key part of the merchant sales process. Help your contractors offer better program that drive positive environmental change.

From portable hot tubs to backyard transformations, homeowners are investing in their yards from coast to coast. We have merchant partners looking for new lenders.

New HVAC units are an excellent finance opportunity. Typically borrowers are new or existing homeowners.

Suburban and rural homeowners require expensive lawn tractors and implements to maintain their properties, providing a unique financing opportunity for lenders.

Medical procedures can be difficult for individuals to cover out-of-pocket. These can range from dental to audiology to ophthamology or to major surgeries, where most look to local financing to help cover expenses.

Dealers across the country are connected to lenders to provide financing for everything from ATVs, NEVs, Motorcycles, RVs, and boats. MerchantLinQ can easily power your expansion into these vehicle classes.

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