Solution Overview

A flexible and intuitive toolset designed to simplify the finance process for merchants and lenders of all kinds.

MerchantLinQ makes offering your financing programs effortless & intuitive

Fully Branded

Your MerchantLinQ solution is fully branded to reflect your company's unique style, and delivers a confident merchant and consumer experience.

Flexible Program

LoanStar allows lenders to implement lending programs for an infinite number of targeted retail opportunities.


Much more than just software, LoanStar delivers full retail program design, and delivers merchant sales to back it up and drive growth for you.

Key MerchantLinQ features

Works on Any Device

Flexible web-based application works on any computer, phone or tablet out of the box.

Instant Decisions

Serves instant decisions to the customer at the point of sale when connected to your loan system.

Adaptable to Any Opportunity

Think local and beyond our core verticals; we can adapt to your unique market opportunities.

Available 24/7

Servicing your merchant and borrowers’ needs around the clock, always at the ready to render a credit decision.

Branded Experience

Your brand is front and center. Your logo and your colors, reassuring your local customers and merchants.

Intuitive Toolset

Designed with merchants of all shapes and sizes in mind, we make it easy to login, submit apps and complete loans for any user.

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